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Rootpi is the School of CreativityResilienceInnovationConsilienceCuriosityConfidence


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Student Quota

Rootpi School has a capacity quota for each program to successfully achieve Rootpi School’s educational target and to provide a meaningful experience for all children. Once the capacity quota is full, it is only possible to participate once there is an opening. (Updated Everday)

PP membership

PP membership has a maximum capacity quota of 220 students. There are currently 202 students (91%) and 18 positions are available.

VA Program

The VAP program has a maximum capacity quota of 10 students for junior elementary grade students and 10 students for senior elementary school students. There are currently 13 students (65%) and 7 positions are available.

Kids membership

The preschool membership has a maximum capacity quota of 30. The maximum capacity quota has been reached so please wait for an opening if you with to apply.

Missions &

Core Values

Raison d’être

Rootpi School respects individuality and hopes that Rootpi School contributes to the variety of the world.

Rootpi School believes that humans cannot be defined using grades and averages, and a balanced life should be obtained through critical thinking and realistic practice. 

Rootpi School aims to provide a life-time experience for children who crave knowledge.


The Independent Responsible Learner & The Creative Problem Solver

A child who does not give up on experimentation and tries endlessly

A child who creates a new future using their definition of justice

A child who respects learning and studies with curiosity.


Share our vision and experience the hallmarks of Rootpi education

Rootpi School works with people who agree to our vision and method of teaching. Like how all children are different, we work with parents, children and teachers who are willing to create a future with an education system not designed for all children.


Create innovative approaches for human problems

It helps creatively solve all problems that children will face with the basis of respect and thought for humanity. The children will learn to connect respect for life (Heart), a deep and keen method of thinking (Head) and the skills to create thoughts into reality (Hands).


Discover and develop their passions through rigorous projects

Rootpi School helps children find and build their passion using projects that integrate many different fields of study. This process aids children in designing and their own futures.


Develop fluency in prototyping of visionary ideas and technical proficiency for practical application

Rootpi School promotes free expression of children’s own thoughts and help to teach the technological skills involved in bringing those thoughts into reality.  The skills learned here are not only for technology but also a tool for the advancement of humanity.


Hold conscious curiosity and cautious creativity for challenging uncertain future

Rootpi School grows an awake curiosity and careful creativity in the students who are preparing for an unknown future. They also learn modesty in knowledge and learning, and to not forget to make an effort to make the world a better place.


Don’t have inertia and formula in everyday life for better society

Rootpi School does not reside in the formulas and habits in life. We are always searching for a new challenge rather than repeating projects we have done before.

Join the Classes of 2021

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Read through Rootpi School’s educational vision and methods to see if the child will create a meaningful and valuable experience by participating in Rootpi School projects.

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Apply for a trial to see if the education fits your child (QP), choose the membership to participate in projects of interest (PP) or apply for an interview to participate in the 6-hour integrated project (VAP).


Apply for QP using Naver Reservations and choose a date of your convenience. For PP, check the 2 new projects every week and participate. For VAP, check the project theme every week and decide whether to participate after being accepted through an interview procedure.